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Tips to help you choose

Tips to help you choose a health plan and primary care provider (PCP)


Choose the best health plan for you:

  • View all health plans available in your county and compare the extra benefits each plan offers. Go to Compare plans.
  • Review how members rate the plans on the report card.

To help you choose, think about your answers to these questions before you enroll:

  • Do you want to keep your current doctor or clinic, or do you want a new one?
  • What health plans does your doctor accept?
  • Do you have specialists you want to keep? What health plans do your specialists take?
  • Do you have a hospital you prefer? What health plans does that hospital accept?
  • What extra benefits do you want from your health plan?

Before you enroll, contact your doctors, specialists and hospital to find out what health plans they accept.

When you enroll, you are required to choose a health plan and PCP.

If you want to keep the PCP you have now, find out which health plans he or she accepts at Find providers

  • To search for a doctor, enter the last name only. 
  • To search for a clinic, enter one or two words of the location name. 

We recommend that you contact the doctor’s office to ask which plans they accept in case their information changed recently. 

If you want to choose a new doctor to be your PCP, you can ask people you trust for names of doctors they like and search by name. Or:

  • You can search by location using the ZIP Code, city or county you prefer.
  • You can search by provider type and provider specialty.
  • If you prefer a male or female doctor, you can search by gender.
  • If you want a doctor that speaks a certain language, you can search by language. 
  • You can enter a hospital name, a group practice name or the health plan that you want. 
  • You can use all of the above options to search.